You know what it's like to play in the Super Bowl?

We do!

And so can you!

Our restaurants and our teams are voted #1 in our markets year in and year out. It is fun to play on a winning team and we want to keep it that way. How do we keep it that way?

Confidence. Passion. Winning. That's what we're all about at Baumhower's.

We only recruit the best of the best. We strive every day to be, as our mission statement reads, "The Best" in the business. When a group of like-minded individuals come together for a common goal, GREAT things happen. We are a TEAM here at Baumhower's and we want YOU to be our star player. We are always looking for Great people, looking to do Great things, and who are hungry for GREATness. Every day is Game Day at Baumhower's and there is no better feeling than to put your skills on display, for all to see, with the game on the line.

Thank you for your interest in us! Baumhower's is part of Aloha Hospitality's exciting restaurant concepts which also includes Bob's Victory Grille, and Dauphin's.

When were you last excited about going to work? How would you feel about a job where you make people happy? That's what we've been doing at Aloha Hospitality for over 25 years!

Click here to apply at Baumhower's or any of our other locations across the state right away.

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