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Meet Our Team



General Manager – Xavier Crawley
Director of Hospitality - Joe Leach
Director of Café- Damian Lomas
Director of Service – Chris Lee
Chef – Jason Geary

Lee Branch:

General Manager – Bud Smith 
Director of Service – Luke Hobbs
Director of Hospitality – Carl Mosher
Director of Café- Hailey Ploof

Tuscaloosa South:

General Manager – Sonya Chappell
Director of Service – Sarah Rickert
Director of Café - Dwight Gaines
Director of Hospitality – Vicki Dennison
Chef – Willie Lowe

Tuscaloosa North:

General Manager – Jason Meier
Director of Service – Latoya Banks
Director of Café - Michael Gaddy
Director of Hospitality – Stephen Wilkinson
Chef – Harold Jackson


General Manager – Luther Bullock
Director of Hospitality & Café – Kim Rogers
Chef – Donya Drakeford


General Manager – Don Parker
Director of Service - Richard Ambrose
Director of Café – David Flurry
Director of Hospitality – Kristine Seals
Chef - Lorenzo Miller

Patton Creek:

General Manager – Craig Parker
Director of Cafe - Nick Capolupo
Chef – Gerald Nelson
Sous Chef - Miguel Artega


General Manager – Greg Patterson
Director of Service – Milton Strother 
Director of Café –  Sam Mayfield
Chef – Michael Harvey


General Manager – Sonja McCleod
Director of Service – Danita Billups
Director of Café –  Jennifer Jolly
Director of Hospitality - Derrick Simpler
Chef – Galen Coleman